Bartel Productions
Dear Fellow Motorcycle, Car &
Custom Semi Show Truck

The 6th Annual “ Park City
Chill",  Kansas Largest Indoor
Motorcycle / Car & Custom Semi
Truck Show  brought to you by
Bumper to Bumper Auto Parts
Stores and Service Centers, is
just around the corner. I have a
bunch of new plans in the works
to make "The Park City Chill"
bigger and better than what it
was last February. The location
will remain the same at the
Kansas Pavilions located at
1229 East 85th Street North,
Park City, KS. And that the date
for "The Park City Chill" is Feb
27th through March 1st, 2015.
For the 2015 “Park City Chill”,
please note that I have adjusted
the classes from last year and
that there are now 30 Motorcycle
classes 46 Car Show Classes
and 10 Custom Semi Truck

Entertainment will be a Huge
Fashion & Swimsuit Shows!!!
Live Concerts by Sleepy Truckers
and Linnaberry Wine as
well as many other
entertainment acts (TBA) at a
later date.

With everything that is now
available to do at the 2015
"Park City Chill". I hope that you
will share in our enthusiasm and
that this event will have
something for everyone. As
always I try to keep my prices
down and that the charge for
Spectators for this event is listed

Friday Feb 27th & Saturday
Feb 28th is $12 per person at
the front gate each day. Sunday
March 1st is $10 per person at
the front gate. Children 12 &
are free of charge all days. $2 off
Coupons are available at all
Bumper to Bumper Auto Parts
Stores & Service Centers.
Weekend Passes can be
purchased at the front gate for

With all that has been
mentioned above, we hope that
you will support the 6th annual
"Park City Chill" / Kansas
Largest Indoor Motorcycle / Car
& Custom Semi Truck Show.
Many thanks in advance for your
consideration of “The Park City

Richard & Robin Bartel
Richard Bartel
RB's Favs
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The 2015
"Park City Chill"
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